This Privacy Policy and Information Notice ("Information Notice") provides information regarding the framework in which Att. Merter Ozay (“Ozay Law Firm”), who is a registered lawyer of the Istanbul Bar Association with the registry number 28666, processes your personal data as the data controller in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("Law") and the applicable law.

1. Data Controller and its Representative

Your personaldata is being processed through the requirements of the current technology by Ozay Law Firm at “Kerim Bey Köşkü Göztepe Mah Tanzimat Sok No 63/1 Kadıköy/İstanbul”, under the procedures indicated below.

2. Personal Data Processing Purpose andLegal Causes

All the personal data that you haveprovided us with via your CV; your name, surname, e-mail address and phonenumber that you have shared through contact section; all the personal data thatyou have mentioned in the explanations section; and the registries as to theweb site traffic are being processed.

Our obligation to process your personaldata arises from the Attormeys’ Act No. 1136, the Law on the Protection ofPersonal Data No. 6698, the Law No. 5651, the Criminal Code No. 5237 and thesecondary provisions. Your personal data are being processed in order tofulfill our obligations within the consultancy or commercial relationshipformed as per the said provisions and provide the best service.

3. Transferred Location of ProcessedPersonal Data and Transfer Purpose

In accordance with the Law, yourpersonal data may be transferred to our business partners, taw consultants,respective public associations and exceptionally to natural persons. Personal dataprocessing purpose indicates parallelism with data transfer purpose.

Your personal data are being collectedin writing and electronically by Ozay Law Firm in order to carry out ouractivities through various, fully or partially electronic methods, especiallythrough internal networks as a part of the data registry system. Your personal dataare also may be processed and transferred in accordance with the generalprinciples regulated under the Law, the conditions for processing personal dataand the its exceptions and as per the attorneys’ confidentiality obligation,for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy and Information Notice.

5. Data Processing and Application toData Controller

Under Article 11 of the Law, by applyingto Ozay Law Firm, you will have the right to a) learn whether your personaldata is processed or not, b) request information as to personal data if it hasbeen processed, c) learn the purpose of processing and whether the data is usedin accordance with its purpose, d) learn the third parties of the transfer, inthe country and abroad, e) request rectification if the data have beenprocessed incompletely / inaccurately, f) request deletion / destruction ofyour personal data in accordance with Article 7 of the Law, g) requestnotification of the operations made as per indents (e) and (f) to third partiesto whom personal data have been transferred, h) object to occurrence of anyresult detrimental by means of analysis of personal data exclusively throughautomated systems and i) request compensation for the damages due to unlawfulprocessing of personal data.

You can refer your information andapplication requests via email to

Our law firm will conclude your requestsfree of charge within thirty days at the latest and as soon as possible inaccordance with the nature of the claim. However, if the transaction requires acost, a fee may be charged. We may accept and process the request or reject therequest in writing by explaining the reason.

If the application is rejected byfollowing the above mentioned procedure, replied insufficiently or not repliedin due time, within thirty days from the notification date of the reply and inany case in sixty days from the date of the application you have the right tofile a complaint before the Board of Protection of Personal Data (“Board”).However, complaints cannot be directed without exhausting the application remedy.

In the event of a complaint or anallegation of violation, the Board shall conduct the necessary inspection withinthe scope of its competence. Upon complaint, the Board reviews the request andgives a reply to those concerned. If the reply is not given within sixty daysfrom the date of complaint, the request is deemed to be rejected. In the eventof a complaint or a direct inspection, in case the Board decides that aviolation exist, it shall notify the interested parties as to the decision thatthe data controller shall eliminate the violation. This decision shall be executedwithin thirty days at the latest from the notification without delay. The Boardmay decide to terminate the data processing or data transfer to abroad, if unrecoverableor impossible damage arises and it is a sheer violation of the Law.